Combining our expertise in consultancy and artistic command, SHAKE THE SCENE is an innovative, demanding and aware sparring partner. We embrace your strategic goals, help you clarify options and place you centre stage.

Speaking skills

Speaking out in public with wit, skill and authenticity : a must-have for leaders and high-potentials. We offer dedicated coaching and advanced storytelling expertise. With SHAKE THE SCENE, unleash your assets, maximize impact, engage your audience… and have fun!


Each event created for internal or external audiences is an original work designed for and with you. Scripting, writing, staging, performing, filmmaking: SHAKE THE SCENE creates surprise, humour and rhythm.


What if spirited and playful communication was the most efficient tool for any responsible strategic move ? Improvisation games, creative workshops, interactive challenges : SHAKE THE SCENE uses image, art and performance to enhance the human factor, strenghten team spirit and foster change.


On your key topics : communication, negotiation, assertiveness, commitment, risk prevention, gender management… Perform and enact real-life situations and create the best conditions to sustainably ingrain novel practices and winning mind-sets.

About us

An executive coach for public speaking, Marianne Soumoy has moreover been performing for over 10 years on events and staging. She created SHAKE THE SCENE in 2015, a consulting enterprise specialized in ambitious, spirited and playful corporate communication, to host her expanding business. She personally handles the consultancy and artistic direction as well as the coaching of leaders and carefully orchestrates the skills of a reliable network of artistic and technical experts in order for each project and original work to succeed.
An actress and director, she is also an EM Lyon graduate (a prestigious business school), a former consultant in strategy and management and former Marketing Director for a leading company in Business Intelligence. The ultimate blend of those experiences? Acting for business!
Humour, impact and highlighting personal talent lie at the heart of all our activities.

The team : SHAKE THE SCENE manages a team of artistic and technical talents, all seasoned and driven, focused on your projects

Emmanuelle Dupuy
Emmanuelle Dupuy
Jérémie Graine
Jérémie Graine
Xavier Martel
Xavier Martel
Irene Ismailoff
Irène Ismaïloff
Séverine Debels
Séverine Debels
Gilles Dyrek
Gilles Dyrek
Isabelle Cholet
Isabelle Cholet
Christiane Ludot
Christiane Ludot
Thierry Caroubi
Thierry Caroubi
Nicolas Rafal
Nicolas Rafal
Eric Mariotto
Eric Mariotto
Vincent Desprat
Vincent Desprat


Since 2009, Marianne has been writing sketches for us and stages those with employees from the headquarters. It is a tremendously powerful means to create a strong connection between the teams in the field and the headquarters. We also work with her on personal development sessions in the framework of an « elite » training for our managers. Read more...

Xavier Rosso, Director of Sales Tupperware France

Marianne is a very efficient coach. It is obvious she knows the corporate world. She is accustomed to rubbing shoulders with executives and leaders and knows how to help us gain time. Read more...

Jean-Emmanuel Vernay, General Director Invest Securities

A great partner !
Tupperware has been working closely with Marianne for almost 10 years. Marianne’s writing is very accurate and hits the nail on the head with our audience. Funny, striking, relevant.Read more...

Marion Petrini, Marketing Project Leader Tupperware France

As I had recently been hired, I needed to create connections within my division. I was looking for a different activity that would help mix the teams, have fun together, reveal hidden talents... Marianne suggested a performance based team-building session. It turned out to be a winning formula.

Maria Modrono, Marketing Director Euler Hermès France

For the internal launch of a new offer of services, we wished to make an impression by organizing a big interactive work session in the form of workshops on stage. Convincing the lukewarm management, finding themes, organizing teams and managing them… we could not have achieved any of this without Marianne’s involvement. Read more...

Cécile Laroze, Head of Communication CER France val de Loire

Marianne is a great coach! She is witty, and observes every person she works with very thoroughly before offering a tailor-made approach. She helps you bring your presence to the next level.

Christian, HR Manager Europe & Middle East, leading international consulting firm

As Sales Network Training Manager at Tupperware France, I was given the opportunity to enjoy the professionalism, creativity and reactivity of SHAKE THE SCENE.As a Trainer, Marianne Soumoy is involved in training our trainers in our Tupperware Management School, aimed at the elite of our sales staff, where she teaches public speaking techniques as well as methods to capture the attention of one’s audience. Read more...

Ouahiba Kafsi, Training Manager Tupperware France

We decided to promote innovation within the company on the occasion of one of our in-ternal communication events. In order to make an impact, we chose to broach the topic of innovation in an unusual and playful manner ! Read more...

Emmanuel ANES, Associate Director Axys Consultants

In an industrial company such as MAN, the performance of sales is a key factor in success. In this context, each year we organize an awards ceremony in the form of a ceremony/show bringing to the fore the best performers in those categories that are essential to our business in front of their peers. Read more...

Alain Court, Director of the Bus & Coaches Division MAN Truck & Bus France


The partners of SHAKE THE SCENE share values and a high level of demand
We are proud to work with Bossert Associates GmbH, one of the
foremost European Leadership development companies.

A leading partner on the complex topics of change and management, Lyonsydney carries innovation at the heart of organisations through an inventive, efficient and expert approach to management and collective enterprise.

O62 Production is an independent production company with which we are happy to collaborate in the fields of cinema, TV/web documentaries and advertising.


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